What is A Boot Topper

What is a boot topper?

What is a Boot TopperWhat is a boot topper? What is a boot cuff? Why do men have nipples?


We can’t help you on that last question but the boot topper thing we’ve got down cold.


A boot topper (also called a boot cuff) is a decorative sleeve worn over tights, leggings, skinny jeans or bare legs and Peeks (ala: Peeps) up out over the top of the boot and gives the impression of a full sock. If you are old the term “dicky” might make sense to you. If you are not old, strike that last sentence.


Why, pray tell, would one just not wear a sock? Because (insert our trademarked slogan here):


“Comfy-Ugly socks down below, party up top with Little Boot Peep®”


Let’s face it. Boots can be demanding divas. One sock does not fit all boots. A pointy-toe western boot might need a slinky little trouser sock while those half-size too big boots you couldn’t pass up on sale might require a wooly lumberjack sock.


At Little Boot Peep® we focus on making our boot toppers slim like Jim. Often times there isn’t a lot of extra real estate in the calf area of a boot. The thicker, chunkier boot toppers just won’t fit for a good many gals and adding that kind of volume on the leg can make anyone look shorter and heavier. Um, no.


All Little Boot Peeps® are made in the USA.