Little KNEE Peep


Holey Jeans – Meet your new best friend. Little Knee Peep is a pop of color through the blown out knee of your favorite distressed denim.

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Be honest.

Have these thoughts ever run through your head?

You have a hole in the knee of your jeans – maybe you earned it maybe you bought them that way – no matter.

“I have a hole in my jeans”

“Wow, it’s cool. Sometimes it’s too cool. Cold, in fact”

“I should wear TIGHTS under my jeans. That would be awesome! Wait. Keyword: Tight. And hot. And squirmy. Ick.”

“I should put a PATCH there. That would look kickass! Wait, I can’t sew. And how could I settle on just one look…forever and ever and sometimes my knee gets bored and likes to look out.”

What if we told you we could solve all those problems AND maybe get you past mom’s eagle-eye dress code radar?

Meet Little Knee Peep. Lots of colors, lots of fun. Not permanent like a patch and not sweaty and squirmy like tights. Each package includes one Knee Peep.

At approximately 11.5″ around with generous stretch Little Knee Peep is meant to fit the knee but could be hiked to thigh territory on littler legs. Knee Peeps have an extra super secret elastic strip (meant to be worn on top) to keep her in place.

Care: Hand wash as needed with cool water, mild soap, and line dry.

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Holey Moley Black, Holey Moley White, Green Camo Sheer-ish, Orange Damask Sheer-ish, Long-john Waffle Gray with Stars, Long-john Waffle Cream with Skulls, Long-john Waffle Yellow with Stars, Beachy Tie Dye, Pink Multi Stripe, Neutral Leopard Print, Asian Black Flora Sheer-ish, Stained Glass, Versace-esque Print, Yellow & Black Floral Sheerish

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