Peeptailer Application

Reckon yourself a proud Peeptailer of all things Little Boot Peep®? Simply complete the application below. We’ll take a look-see and get back to ya real quick.

Retailer Application

    1. Store Information

  • 2. Shipping Address

  • 4. Billing Address If Different than Store/Shipping Address

  • 5. I Plan To Sell Little Boot Peep ®

  • Select all that apply.
  • 6. Tax/Reseller Qualifications

  • Fill out only if your state requires you to have a reseller permit. If you are unsure visit your states Department of Revenue website or speak to a tax consultant for your state. If you are required to have one and you do not submit the certificate then your application will not be considered.
  • Submit your reseller certificate in the box on the right. If you cannot submit online then fax the certificate to: