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About Little Boot Peep

Little Boot Peep® grew out of a Christmas present project gone haywire.


In December 2013 Jessi Sites set out to make a handful of boot toppers for her teenage nieces and after much trial, error and hundreds of dollars in materials invested she decided to build a small website to recoup some funds and get her living room back! With much encouragement from friends, family, and generous shares from Facebook friends she sold a few; what she calls, “Pity orders.”
“You know, those dear friends who are kind enough to support your new venture whatever it may be.”


Then Liz ordered.
Liz from Georgia.
A stranger.
This was an exciting moment and one that made Jessi realize that maybe she had something here


Flash forward from the living room and garage to a kickass workspace with two employees and 800+ Peeptailers (retailers of all things Peep). Little Boot Peep® is obsessed with boots, remaining sassy and building low-maintenance/high value accessories. They look after customers by standing by the product, constantly coming up with new styles and getting the Peeps out ridiculously fast. They love working with other small business owners and shun corporate buzzwords of any type. There are no plans to grow beyond the point where an HR department is necessary as it would interfere with the level of ribald humor achieved daily.

About Little Boot Peep - Team
Boot Topper

Our Team

About Little Boot Peep - John


John took over as president in 2014. He is excellent at spearheading new
campaigns, holding contests, employee meeting and training seminars. His
leadership style is kind but firm. He will deliver water and suggest a break
one minute and threaten termination the next. Frankly, we are all afraid of



Diego is a three year old Belgian Malinois who sadly did not, at 8 weeks,
make the cut into law enforcement work. His role at Little Boot Peep is more
one of appearance as he is too needy and annoying to have here on a regular
basis. Clearly he was hired solely on nepotism.

About Little Boot Peep - Jessi


Jessi Sites founded Little Boot Peep® in 2013 out of a love of boots and a low tolerance for high maintenance accessories.  After years of agonizing over what to do when she grows up she wears entrepreneurship like a comfy old boot and wishes she had a nickel for every time someone told her she should ‘go on Shark Tank.’ “Why would I do that? I don’t like anyone telling me what to do,” is her pat answer, by the way.

About Little Boot Peep - Kim Davis


Kim Officially joined the Little Boot Peep® team as Creative Director in May 2014 happily leaving her cubicle life in the dust. When she’s not naming new Peep styles she’s busy popping tags, organizing her shoe collection by heel height and conducting her tireless search for the perfect Monte Cristo sandwich.

About Little Boot Peep - Taylor

Peep Slinger

Taylor is the newest member of the Little Boot Peep® team, joining in October 2014.  She keeps things running smoothly and nary an order has been screwed up since she banished Chief from the shipping deck and took over all inventory, packing and shipping.  She would argue her most important role though is catering to the LBP mascot “Little Beau Peep” the somewhat aloof and particular 8 year old Pomeranian.